Bad to feed chickens

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do not feed your chickens

Some foods are just not good for chickens

Do not feed your chickens these foods – and don’t think that chickens know what is good for them – they will eat just about anything you give them – and sometimes with very bad results. Free range chickens will eat worms and small lizards – also small mice and weeds.

Raw green potato peels

They love cooked potato – mashed or whole – Raw potato peal contains a toxic substance called Solanine.

Salted food
Can cause salt poisoning in small bodies such as chickens.

Avoid orange peels and banana skins

Dried or undercooked Beans Raw, or dry beans, contain a poison called hemaglutin which is toxic to birds.
Avocado Skin or Pip

Skin and pit have low levels of toxicity.

Raw eggs
Cooked eggs are fine – but don’t teach your layers to like raw eggs – otherwise thy will eat each others eggs.
Chocolate, Sugar
No brainer – not pets or livestock should be given sugar,

Otherwise you can give them anything – they will eat bugs and small mice, worms and weeds. My chickens love tomatoes – especially the small cherry tomatoes that grow wild on the farm. Try to chop bigger pieces of feed up – and hard food is also better to avoid. Do not give them anything that you would not eat – as in moldy or old food. don’t feed chickens, chickens should not eat, bad for chickens, food that you should not give your chickens. Chickens eat most things – and they are not very good at telling what is good for them or not – best not to feed them avo or potato peels – but they love bugs and small mice, lizards and tomatoes! You can just toss your kitchen scraps into the chicken house or chicken coop. Depending how many chickens you are keep and what size chicken house you have will determine if it is worth your while. A bowl of scraps for 200 chickens is a good way to get rid of your scraps but will make no difference to your feed costs. On our free range farm we grow African cabbage, tomatoes and spinach – my chickens love me.

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    from were do i buy food for chickens?

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    i want food for meat chickens (broiler chickens)

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