Chicken Houses

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Small Chicken Houses are made from galvanised steel roofing  and sturdy angle iron. Sizes vary from 3m x 5m up to 30m x 6m. You will need to decide how many chickens you wish to grow – whether you want broilers (chickens for eating) or layers (hens that lay eggs for eating) and from that you can decide how big your house should be.
Yellow door chicken house

The best house on the market

You will also need to decide whether you are going to go organic chicken farming or free range chicken farming. The type of chicken house you need will depend on these things. To prepare the ground for a chicken house you will have to level it and throe a slab. Once this is done a poultry house can be erected. Some companies offer to do the slab and the house – but be careful because in South Africa the chicken house companies throw a terrible slab – which will crack and wear. Make sure you ask the chicken house company for specifications on you slab and house and then compare prices and specs. You will find that spending a bit more now on a good slab and a sturdy poultry hoses will save you money in the long run. You will also need running water close to your chicken house and a good electricity supply. You will then need poultry equipment – drinkers, pan feeders, heaters and curtaining for your yellow door chicken house – which is probably the cheapest best value chicken house in South Africa.
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